Thursday, February 10, 2011


Okay…so the seniors aren’t quite alumni yet. But if you don’t know a lot of upperclassmen, you should get to know some. When I was a freshman, I got to know juniors and seniors, mostly through church and then through friends. Being a ‘stupid’ and naïve freshman, I needed a lot of help. Who better to help than someone who has gone through it before?
Classes? I’m sure there’s someone on campus that has the same major as you. And they’re definitely willing to offer some advice on what classes you should take, and what classes you should avoid for your life.
Majors? I’m sure in one group of friends, there’s at least three different majors.

I learned about my major and my pre-professional field through upperclassmen (who are now alumni). I still keep in contact with some of them for advice about medical school and jobs. They told me about all the different class choices I have and about research and volunteer positions they have on campus.

And although it doesn’t seem like it, upperclassmen are friendly! They went through it all, and we were all nervous freshmen coming in. After spending years and years learning about this stuff, what better to do with it than pass it on. They’ll teach you all the useful (and useless) stuff on campus.

One alumni (who’s name will remain anonymous) tried to teach me how to use the copy machines for free. I never needed the copy machine in all my years on campus, but like I said…they’ll teach you all the useful AND useless stuff on campus.

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