Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CCRB anyone?

As a college student, we all maintain very busy lives. Our schedules are filled with classes, work, studying, hanging out with friends, and studying and amidst all of this, we forget something very important…exercise. Personally, I come into each semester telling myself that I’m going to start working out, and somewhere in the first week, my plan falls apart. It took me four years to actually maintain a regular exercise schedule! Don’t get me wrong…this definitely doesn’t apply to everyone. I know people that regularly work out three times a week! But it becomes so easy to neglect exercise and find excuses not to go.

The University of Michigan provides several facilities on campus. The Intramural Sports Building is on the Athletic Campus, a couple blocks from West and South Quad. The IM building was actually the first collegiate intramural sport building in America. The facility has four basketball courts, a five-lane swimming pool, and free weight and fitness rooms. There is also a climbing wall available. This is where most of the IM program and club sports events are held.

The CCRB is the Central Campus Recreation Building, located behind Stockwell. It is connected with the School of Kinesiology and houses the main offices of the Department of Recreational Sports. It is the campus’s largest facility equipped with 3 basketball courts, 2 volleyball courts, 3 badminton courts, an elevated running track, swimming pool, free weight and fitness rooms, squash rooms, and more. The facility also has a large dance room used for student groups and U-Move classes.

The NCRB is the North Central Recreation Building complete with the same facilities as the CCRB, available across from Bursley.

With the new year comes new years resolutions. Did you know that approximately 38% of new years resolutions are related to weight, but only 64% of these people make it past the first month. Don’t be one of these people!! Try to do some sort of exercise at least once a week, whether it’s playing basketball with friends or running a couple miles with a work-out buddy. You’ll definitely feel better, and who knows? You might actually enjoy it!

Guest Blog by: Amy Justine Park
photo credits to the Michigan Daily

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