Tuesday, December 14, 2010


By this time in the semester, I am always struggling to stay awake in class and stay motivated because I am so bored with the classes I am taking. I find so many classes at the University so interesting at first but each class becomes so repetitive that it's hard to stay interested. On the brighter side, it's time to start backpacking and registering for next

My roommate and I are such nerds because we look forward to when the course guides are released like it's our birthdays. We looove figuring out our schedules and reading about upcoming classes. I also love strategically planning my schedule for the most ideal possible schedule. For example, I have only had Friday classes two semesters. I have had 3 day weeks for the past 3 semesters! I have always been a full-time student as well. It's possible! (Maybe not for you science majors though.)

Some KEY things to remember when registering for classes:

1. DO YOUR RESEARCH! is the Bible. Make sure to look up your potential professors and do your background research! There are a lot of attractive classes that might sound really great in theory, but if you introduce a bad professor into the mix...the result might not be so great. There are a lot of helpful comments that suggest the best ways to study for the professor's exams and succeed in the class. Another thing I always do is Google my professor. I like to read up on what they research and specialize in. It's always a great idea to skim over their publications because most likely, it will give you a window into the angle at which they will be teaching their class.

2. KEEP IN MIND WHAT KIND OF PERSON YOU ARE! Personally, I am a morning person and like to get up early. However, two years ago, I could not, for my life, stay awake during my 9:00 AM discussion on Fridays. Consequently, I got points off for "napping in class", according to the comments next to my grade from my GSI. On the other hand, if you really hate ending class
and it being pitch black outside, I suggest you take more morning classes. Common sense right? Just keep in mind that the time of day really effects your mood in different ways for different people. Don't brush this off as a miniscule factor! It might really make or break your attitude for the class.

3. WOLVERINE ACCESS IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. During backpacking and registration time, you should check Wolverine Access all the time. You should be looking at your Degree Progress Report to check what requirements you have to fulfill, your registration time, and to see if the classes you backpacked are still open. If not, you need to make back-up plans! Don't wait until the last minute to figure out what classes and which sections you will take. You want to be absolutely ready to register for your classes as soon as it's your appointment time! You are fighting for a spot among thousands of students!

4. TAKE AT LEAST ONE CLASS THAT REALLY INTERESTS YOU. I know that many of us want to be done with our requirements for the University and your major(s). These days, when people think of college, they think of just a means for a job. What happens is that people stray more and more away from the traditional ideals of what a college or university is and gravitate towards just professional training, which is probably better if they go to grad school anyway. Colleges were first founded as educational institutions for students to further their knowledge and think about life critically and philosophically. You don't need to stress too much about careers. It really doesn't matter what you major in anyway!

5. TALK TO PEOPLE! Talk to people who are in the same major as you for advice about what classes to take and which professors are good. Upperclassmen might be even gracious enough to pass down old books, study materials, and notes! Another piece of advice is to try to take classes with friends. It's a great way to spend time with friends and make you want to go to class. You can study together and keep each other on track!

By: Sorah Park

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