Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hyundai and their new cars

The first Hyundai’s that entered American market were known for one thing: price.  They were what people bought when they couldn’t afford any other car.  However, recently, with the introduction of new line of vehicles which include Genesis and the refreshed Sonata, Hyundai is becoming a serious contender in the American and global market.  Currently, my friend owns a Hyundai Genesis coupe, and even though I have never drove it, I can tell it is a good car and critics seem to agree as well.  The new Sonata has been chosen as the 10best vehicles by the Car and Driver magazine, and various other magazines have been quoted saying similar things.  
However, even though Hyundai has been on the game selling their cars more than their Japanese competitors, I feel like they lack that presence in the car industry.  In my opinion, they lack that central character which defines a car company.  For example, Toyota is known for their comfort and reliability, while companies such as Porsche have their performance characters.  Hyundai’s character on the other hand is still undefined. While Hyundai makes good cars at affordable prices right now, these attributes can be achieved by some other underdog company looking for a rise.  As a result, Hyundai needs to find their own defining character which they can build their cars upon on years to come.   

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 By: Devin Min

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  1. Agreed that a defined image is important for a car brand. Hyundai is known for their affordability and reliability although they also have luxury models now like the Equus.