Friday, October 29, 2010


Frankly, if you do not know what or where the Diag is, you shouldn’t be here.

In all likeliness, you have probably crossed the Diag at some point in your life (except maybe you, North Campus kids J). During every half hour, hundreds of students cross the Diag to get to their next destination. Surrounding the Diag is plenty of open space and benches for people to gather and socialize. Beyond that, some of the most prominent academic buildings encircle the Diag – Angell Hall, Hatcher Graduate Library, Chem building, etc.

The Diag is at the center of Central Campus and is the cultural hotspot on campus. Besides from being a convenient traveling route to get to classes, the Diag is always a fun and vibrant place. At any point (actually, only when they weather’s nice), one is able to see a multitude of people sitting and talking, sunbathing, napping, or maybe playing frisbee. The diag is also home to many events (like Festifall), fundraisers, outdoor concerts or shows, demonstrations, or area for public speech or promotion. From pure and simple recreation to fanatical preachers ranting about the immorality of college students (my personal favorite), the Diag is considered by many to be the cultural and social center of our campus.

If one goes out and sits by the Diag and observes the center of the Diag, he or she can that there is a big brass M embedded in the ground. The legend states that if a student steps on the block M before taking his or her first blue book exam. Students will go completely out of their way to avoid the M, even if they have already taken their first blue book exam. I would tell you how to reverse this dreadful curse, but I’ll give you better advice: DON’T STEP ON THE M!!!

So, whether passing through the Diag on the way to class, meeting someone there, or checking out the events, the Diag is always bound to be thriving with activity. But, learn, live, and enjoy in your four years (or more?) here at the University of Michigan because they go by quickly. So, when you’re passing by there or just sitting and relaxing, take in the environment and learn to appreciate your time here and the beauty of the campus. Though school might seem tough, the real world lies ahead…

By: Henry Kook (Guest Blogger)

"Then and Laters"

The date is October 26, 2010 and in not even two weeks, all, if not most, of us will have spent two months on this campus we all call home. Dayum, time sure flies. During that time, the KSA hasn’t wasted any time getting started, for there is already a great list of successful events in the short time here. It all started with the KSA Mass Meeting and Burger Night back in September. Already seems like so long ago, but that’s where it all began. Nothing better than a presentation, short speech, and food to bring people together and start off the year. Shortly after followed “Chuseok”, Korean day of thanksgiving, on October 3rd. With KISA, we put together a traditional Korean festive dinner, everything from your traditional rice and kimchi to your more traditional jap chae, bull go gi, and naek jji bo coom. Needless to say, the great food, company, and Sinaboro’s great Chuseok performance, we had much to be thankful for.

As we all know, University of Michigan would not be what it is without a lil game of good ol’ football. Well, in spirit of the big game against the rival Spartans, KSA threw down for the KSA Tailgate/BBQ. It was a grand time; with food, drinks, friends, and a big group rooting on our boys in the maize and blue, what more could you ask for. Despite the unfortunate loss, the KSA Tailgate/BBQ was an extremely fun and unforgettable time.
Along with that, the girls got suited up for their chance to rough up one another in the KSA Powderpuff Football. On October 23rd, the under and upperclassmen exchanged hits and played a great game of football down at Palmer Field. The game was close all the through, but at the end, the upperclassmen triumphed to clench the win. All the girls played a fabulous game and we congratulate and have a good time, in spite of the heated competition. Great game girls. :]

 With all of those great events said and done, there are still many more exciting events that are coming up that you should mark on your calendar. The Heartland Nomads are coming to U of M to show the film “Hiding” on October 30th from 6pm-7pm at the East Room in Pierpont Commons. This film is about the a group of north Korean refugees hiding in China today and exposes their struggles to survive. The screening is sponsored by LiNK and KSA, so I encourage you all to come out because it’ll be an eye opening experience you won’t want to miss. Next is the KSA Basketball Tournament which will be held at the CCRB on Saturday, November 13 from 12:00pm - 10:30pm. You all know the game, so come on out to the KSA Basketball Tournament to watch and cheer your friends and classmates on. And last but not least, the KSA Culture Show. Yeaaaaa! The KSA Culture Show Board has got an extraordinary event planned for that day at the T-Center. Date is TBA. Bring your kids, friends, aunts, uncles, neighbors, strangers, and even pets………no not pets, but you will definitely want to be there. With a line of great acts and performances scheduled, the 2011 KSA Culture Show will be one to make the record books. Keep an eye out for these events and many more. Hope to see ya there. Stay classy AA.

By: Ji-Hoon Min

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Activist Robert Park finally speaks out

Korean American missionary Robert Park was detained for 43 days after illegally crossing the border to North Korea last Christmas. Park crossed the Tumen river from China into North Korea carrying a letter addressed to North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, urging him to make major changes to the North Korean government. Park was released in February 6, 2010 with North Korean Central News Agency stating, “The relevant organ of the DPRK decided to leniently forgive and release him, taking his admission and sincere repentance of his wrong doings into consideration.” 
Robert Park spoke on South Korean TV today for the first time about the ordeal. Park spoke of how he was immediately arrested and beaten after he crossed the border. "The scars and wounds of the things that happened to me in North Korea are too intense," he said. He added that to prevent him from divulging the details of his detention, the security forces carried out humiliating sexual torture. "As a result of what happened to me in North Korea, I've thrown away any kind of personal desire. I will never, you know, be able to have a marriage or any kind of relationship."
Park’s torture was so severe that he even attempted suicide as soon as he returned to the United States and had to be treated in a mental hospital for seven months.
Park stated that the apology he read on North Korean TV was forced upon him. When asked what made him decide to enter North Korea, he said "I hoped through my sacrifice, that people will come together and they will liberate North Korea."
To learn more about the situation in North Korea, come join LiNk, Cornerstone, and KSA for the screening of the documentary “Hiding.” This film is about a group of North Korean refugees’ struggles to survive. The screening will be held at the East Room in Pierpont Commons this Saturday (10.30) at 6 PM! 
photo credits to

By: Taejoon Han

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Arb

The Nichols Arboretum, also known as “the Arb” is an arboretum located on the eastern edge of central campus at 1610 Washington Heights in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Inside the Arb you’ll find pine forests, huge open green fields, and plenty of gradens and trails! This place is perfect for strolls, picnics, frisbee, or to clear your mind from the stress of everyday life!

The Arb really makes you appreciate the four seasons that Michigan has to offer! The vibrant colors that the fall season brings is something you shouldn’t miss! Winter season allows for snowy hikes and some intense sledding. If you’re still here during the spring and summer, the Huron River is great for tubing and kayaking! Whether it be for picnics, relaxing strolls, romantic dates, or quiet happiness.. you should definitely check the arb out!!!!

By: Taejoon Han

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hip Hop Rebel!
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I was putting this off because I was being a bit OCD about it, but here is my “Hip Hop Rebel” Playlist. Now, I know it’s not really “rebel,” but I was just inspired by Simon D who is featured a lot in this playlist (he likes to say he’s a “rebel” kekeke)…. so yeah! 

A few comments:
1.If you can’t tell, I really love Simon D and Supreme Team! Sorry, I’m a bit biased! 
2.I didn’t include a lot of songs and artists I probably should have to be “complete”, and I realize that. It’s almost impossible to include them all! I tried to just include some personal favorites, a variety of styles, and a couple lesser known artists. I wanted the playlist to flow naturally, yet be diverse – and it’s already over an hour long! haha
3.I would highly recommend the entirety of all the albums featured in this playlist! They’re worth listening to for sure. As you can tell, I have a few duplicates from the same albums because they’re just so good.
4.If you wanna sample all the most recent Korean hip hop releases – check out, it’s a great resource! 

1. Dreamality – The Quiett & Dok2 (G-Slow) – High Frequency
2. It’s Me (Map The Soul ver.) – Dok2 – Thunderground
3. I Can’t Live  - Crucial Star (G-Slow) – High Frequency
4. 다 갔어 (feat. Crybaby) – Swings (Overclass) – Collage 3
5. Elevator – Rimi – Elevator
6. Interlude: Seoul Scape – Supreme Team – Supremier
7. 데려가 (feat. Beenzino) – Supreme Team – Supremier
8. 안아줘 – Rimi & 조현아 (G-Slow) – High Frequency
9. 꽃 (feat. Soul One) – Indian Palm – Indian Palm
10. Up In The Air – Dumbfounded – Digital Single
11. 3AM (fear. Brave Starr) – Brave Brothers – Passionate (Digital Single)
12. Team Me Down (feat. Dok2) – Simon Dominic – I Just Wanna Rhyme
13. Summer Fling – Dumbfoundead – Digital Single
14. Keep Pushin’ (feat. Tablo) – Kero One – Early Believers
15. 너무 피곤해 – e.via – e.via aka happy e.vil
16. Happy Dayz Part 2 (feat. House Rulez) – Crown J – One & Only
17. 숨 (feat. Sean2Slow) – Dynamic Duo – Last Days
18. Respect My Money (Dirty Ver.) – Supreme Team – Spin Off (Repackage)
19. 지리멸렬/Cryin’ (feat. Beatbox DG) – Simon Dominic – I just Wanna Rhyme


By: Lyndsey Twining’s newest Korean(?) music video of the Black Eyed Peas has released a new music video for his single “Check It Out” featuring Nicki Minaj, and it’s gaining interest in Korea for his use of Korean text.
The video displayed large 3D text stating, “Try it once,” “Hot,” and “This party is awesome.” Netizens viewing the video asked, “Was Korean?” and “Maybe he just likes Korean letters.”
Whatever his intention, the music video deserves applause for using words that actually exist.
Credits to
By: Grace Hong

G20 Seoul Summit

G20? no its not a parody of “like a G6” by the Far East Movement, but its a summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy, which will be held in Seoul, South Korea in November 2010.  This summit has a signifiant place in history, not only because it is the 5th G20 summit after the formation of G20, but because its the first G20 to be held by a country which is not a member of G8.  

During the G20 summit, heads of state from nations of top 20 economy will be gathered in Seoul to discuss the future economy and the measures that should be taken in order to ensure financial stability.  South Korea has held world events such as 1988 World Olympics as well as 2002 FIFA World Cup, but G20 is significant because presidents of countries, prime ministers, and Kings of nations will be all gathered under one roof to discuss economic matters.  In order to host a G20 summit, a nation needs not only the necessary funding, but also stable society as well as the security measures to ensure the safety of the all the heads of the state.  Other nations that have held previous summit include United States, United Kingdom and Canada.  

The security measures that are currently being taken to ensure the safety of all the participants are tremendous and the publicity which South Korea is receiving is equally tremendous.  South Korea has been preparing painstakingly for this event with public announcements airing on television to ensure that citizens behave with etiquette.  If South Korea is able to successfully host the G20 summit without any mishaps, the world will take notice and in my honest opinion, will raise the reputation of South Korea.  I hope the G20 summit goes well, and later look forward to South Korea hosting the G8 summit.

By: Austin Yi

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Fail of the New Gap Logo

Recently, Gap, the American clothing brand worth approximately $4 billion, took a gamble and decided to redesign its well-known, classic logo and traded it in for a new, updated version. The big risk Gap took did not pay off, as a digital hate campaign was launched as soon as the new logo hit the web. Both the old and the updated logo are shown here. It might not have been only a bunch of angry customers reacting to the bad taste of the new logo; neuroscientists have suggested that it was our brain chemistry that rejected Gap’s new logo. According to the neuromarketing company NeuroFocus, who conducted a study on the chemistry behind the negative reaction to the new logo, after recording brain activity and using techniques implementing eye-tracking, it was found that the new logo did not register as stylish, while the classic logo scored high in the company’s “stylish” metric. A few of the “neurological best practices” that Gap broke while developing their new logo are delineated below:
1. Awkward overlapping: The letter “p” overlapping the blue cube distracts our brains from the actual word. We selectively process the logo and “ignore” the actual brand name.
2. Sharp edges: Our brains are hard-wired to avoid sharp edges, so we react negatively to the round curve of the letter “p” with the corners of the cube cutting into it.
3. Helvetica font: Gap used a very unremarkable font, not different enough from what we see on a day-to-day basis, so we don’t perceive the logo as unique or novel.
4. Contrast: The black color of the “p” is lost against the blue square in the new logo, so we give it less of our focus. In the old Gap logo, the white letters contrasted better against the dark blue backing.
5. Variation in letters: Having the last letters of the word “Gap” in lower case prompts our brain to look for semantic meaning in the word. When a series of letters is uniform, it is easier for our brains to process it as a logo, which is important for successful advertising.
6. Change isn’t always good: Finally, the new logo was just too different from the classic, established logo. Gap’s existing customers may have trouble attaching what they already know about the brand to the new, awkward logo.
Luckily, Gap has taken into account the highly negative response to the unveiling of its new logo. They have returned back to the old logo and have said that the new logo, which only lasted a week, was a big mistake. 
Credits to
By: Jasmine Huang

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hey everyone! 

So initially I meant to share a Korean hip hop playlist, but I ended up doing my "SexiNorae" playlist first! This was just a playlist of sexy sounding songs, but actually, it's proven pretty great for studying and chilling! 

Here is the playlist:
1. All Night Long - 2PM - 1:59
2. 안아줘 (feat. Rimi & 조현아) - G-Slow - High Frequency
3. 일기장 (90s Pop Edition) (feat. Sori) - e.via - e.via aka happy e.vil
4. Darling (feat. JC aka 지은) - Supreme Team - Supremier
5. 눈물 뿐인 바보 - Big Bang - First Single Album
6. Interlude: Seoul Scape - Supreme Team - Supremier
7. Elevator - Rimi- Elevator
8. We Belong Together (feat. Park Bom) - Big Bang - First Single Album
9. Romance - BoA - 6집 Hurricane Venus
10. Black & White - Khalil Fong - Orange Moon
11. 너 하나면 돼 (feat. 개코) - Supreme Team - Supremier
12. 향 (Remastered ver.) - Casker - Your Songs (EP)
13. Bad Girl Good Girl - miss A - Bad But Good (Single)

Yes, #10 is Taiwanese, not Korean, but the song fits really well. 

Also, my computer wouldn't let me compress files with Hangeul in the names, so when you download them, just press the button that says "Select Items" then select "All" then click "Bulk Download Selected" on the right hand column. Sorry it's not more convenient.

This isn't super comprehensive, but just a playlist I made overtime. So
don't take it too seriously, and just enjoy. 

By: Lyndsey Twining

Rich JC

Rich JC? I would have never though that I would see a Korean restaurant named after Jesus, but here it is in Ann Arbor, and you know what? It is excellent.  Rich JC is located on South U. along with many other distinct Ann Arbor eateries representing the Korean food proudly.  The atmosphere is awkward at first with the diner-esque seating and the restaurant itself being so narrow.  However, you are instantly welcomed by the owners and the tune of Hillsong, which makes you feel like you are at home.  

JC is one of the most notable and sometimes controversial Korean restaurants on the Campus. Many people complain about the excessive use of MSGs, but let’s face it, it can’t be worse than all the McDonalds we devour and all the Friday night drinking that we do.  On the upside, the food tastes great.  JC offers a wide selection of soups and I feel like if
you want some hot soup for the winter days, JC is the place to go.  One of my favorite dish is the YookGeJang, which is the perfect remedy for those harsh cold Ann Arbor winter.  Don’t be afraid to order the Kimchi fried rice, because JC, unlike 99.9% of Korean restaurants, do not serve Kimchi, so there is no possibility that leftover kimchi could have ended up in your kimchi fried rice.  Also other dishes such as JangBanGookSoo or SoonTofuJjigae add variety to the menu and allow anyone to come and enjoy a simple Korean dish.  Prices are about $8 to $8.75 a meal, which isn’t the cheapest, but it’s affordable.  If you are craving for some spicy Korean soup on a cold winter day, check out Rich JC.  Word of caution: try not to sit next to the door, it gets very cold when people open the door every 5 seconds to get in and out.

By: Austin Yi

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Something that I feel bleedin' blue Wolverines fan should do before graduating is taking a trip down to Ohio State for THE GAME. It's by far the biggest tradition in college football and arguably, in all of sports. As a fan, you should definitely experience it first hand. The rivalry has been going on since 1897 where we shut em out 36-0 and has been going back and forth for 106 seasons. Even though we're currently in the longest OSU win streak (at 6 wins thus far), Michigan still leads all time 57-43. They come up here every other year, but being complacent with that is really just knowing half the rivalry.

I'm sure you've heard the rumors about Columbus, OH and how ridiculously rowdy those hicks are. In my time here, I've heard people tell me stories about Buckeye fans flipping over vehicles, breaking windows, and throwing whatever they have in their hands at people dressed in Maize and Blue. Some of it, I'm sure, is a little over exaggerated. But hey, I had rocks thrown at me from across the street while I was at Michigan State for a game (albeit I did have my face painted in Maize and Blue), so I guess I should expect nothing less from Ohio State. People have also warned me to be dressed in riot gear, not to drive my car there unless it's completely unmarked, and not to dare watch the game from the student section.

I've never been there but I say... BRING IT ON!!! We just saw last weekend that the mighty OSU isn't invincible. They just lost their #1 spot in a convincing fashion to Wisconsin (god bless those Badgers), Jim Tressel loses sleep when going against spread offenses and Terrelle Pryor, the Lebron James of the college football world (who held out his "decision" on National Signing Day and flirted with Michigan and Penn State kinda like Lebron did with Chicago/NY/NJ/etc...) ended his Heisman campaign by proving once again that you can't trust him to win the game for you. Anything can happen, especially in a rivalry game, so this year..... I'M HEADIN DOWN TO COLUMBUS! I'm going to pay $300+ to see if Denard+Tate can outscore OSU this year and FINALLY BEAT THEM to snap this 6 year losing streak. It's my senior year and the good lord knows I can't handle another season of losing to both State AND OSU. So to all our KSA readers, wish me luck, wish US luck, and I hope that one day you decided to embark on this journey as well.

Forever, Go Blue!

By: Sam Moon

"years go by and time just seems to fly but the memories remain"

click this link to download the mp3
Listen to the song on YouTube: Daughtry-September

I first heard this song sitting at Red Robin's for lunch one day. There's something about alternative/soft rock music that stirs mellow/feel-good emotions in me. I remember thinking "Omg I need to remember a part of these lyrics so I can look it up later on Google." This personal episode occurred several months ago. I don't know how I randomly got the melody stuck in my head as I was trying to write my psych paper today, but I was determined to find out what song it was and who it was by. After searching Google relentlessly for this information (and failing at it) I somehow got the idea of looking it up in Yahoo! Answers which is the next best thing since Google itself.

So I finally found the song and I'm very happy right now! I went through a lot of trouble to find it so I think you guys should listen! I know this song is most likely referring to love, but the mentioning of seasons and months and how fast time seems to fly was heartfelt and got me a little teared up. I was able to relate the lyrics to the past 4 years of my college life and reflected on all the memories I shared with my friends. I'm still in disbelief that we're graduating in less than 8 months. I don't want to dwell too long on this topic because it will get me even more emotional T _ T. I came into college as a "know it all" freshman who really didn't know anything but learned so much about who I am through my wonderful friends. I love you guys!! This song is dedicated to you <3

"How the time passed away
All the trouble that we gave
And all those day we spent out by the lake
Has it all gone to waste?
All the promises we made
One by one they vanished just the same

All the things I still remember
Summers never looked the same
Years go by and time just seems to fly
But the memories remain
In the middle of September
We still played out in the rain
Nothing to lose but everything to gain
Reflecting now on how things could've been
It was worth it in the end

Now it all seems so clear
There's nothing left to fear
So we made our way by finding what was real
Now the days are so long
That summer's moving on
Reach for something that's already gone

All the things I still remember
Summers never look the same
Years go by and time just seems to fly
But the memories remain
In the middle of September
We still played out in the rain
Nothing to lose but everything to gain
Reflecting now on how things could've been
It was worth it in the end

Yeah, We knew we had to leave this town
But we never knew when and we never knew how
We would up here the way we are

We knew we had to leave this town
But we never knew when and we never knew how

All the things I still remember
Summers never look the same
Years go by and time just seems to fly
But the memories remain
In the middle of September
We still played out in the rain
Nothing to lose but everything to gain
Reflecting now on how things could've been
It was worth it in the end"

By: Grace Hong