Friday, October 29, 2010


Frankly, if you do not know what or where the Diag is, you shouldn’t be here.

In all likeliness, you have probably crossed the Diag at some point in your life (except maybe you, North Campus kids J). During every half hour, hundreds of students cross the Diag to get to their next destination. Surrounding the Diag is plenty of open space and benches for people to gather and socialize. Beyond that, some of the most prominent academic buildings encircle the Diag – Angell Hall, Hatcher Graduate Library, Chem building, etc.

The Diag is at the center of Central Campus and is the cultural hotspot on campus. Besides from being a convenient traveling route to get to classes, the Diag is always a fun and vibrant place. At any point (actually, only when they weather’s nice), one is able to see a multitude of people sitting and talking, sunbathing, napping, or maybe playing frisbee. The diag is also home to many events (like Festifall), fundraisers, outdoor concerts or shows, demonstrations, or area for public speech or promotion. From pure and simple recreation to fanatical preachers ranting about the immorality of college students (my personal favorite), the Diag is considered by many to be the cultural and social center of our campus.

If one goes out and sits by the Diag and observes the center of the Diag, he or she can that there is a big brass M embedded in the ground. The legend states that if a student steps on the block M before taking his or her first blue book exam. Students will go completely out of their way to avoid the M, even if they have already taken their first blue book exam. I would tell you how to reverse this dreadful curse, but I’ll give you better advice: DON’T STEP ON THE M!!!

So, whether passing through the Diag on the way to class, meeting someone there, or checking out the events, the Diag is always bound to be thriving with activity. But, learn, live, and enjoy in your four years (or more?) here at the University of Michigan because they go by quickly. So, when you’re passing by there or just sitting and relaxing, take in the environment and learn to appreciate your time here and the beauty of the campus. Though school might seem tough, the real world lies ahead…

By: Henry Kook (Guest Blogger)

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