Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rich JC

Rich JC? I would have never though that I would see a Korean restaurant named after Jesus, but here it is in Ann Arbor, and you know what? It is excellent.  Rich JC is located on South U. along with many other distinct Ann Arbor eateries representing the Korean food proudly.  The atmosphere is awkward at first with the diner-esque seating and the restaurant itself being so narrow.  However, you are instantly welcomed by the owners and the tune of Hillsong, which makes you feel like you are at home.  

JC is one of the most notable and sometimes controversial Korean restaurants on the Campus. Many people complain about the excessive use of MSGs, but let’s face it, it can’t be worse than all the McDonalds we devour and all the Friday night drinking that we do.  On the upside, the food tastes great.  JC offers a wide selection of soups and I feel like if
you want some hot soup for the winter days, JC is the place to go.  One of my favorite dish is the YookGeJang, which is the perfect remedy for those harsh cold Ann Arbor winter.  Don’t be afraid to order the Kimchi fried rice, because JC, unlike 99.9% of Korean restaurants, do not serve Kimchi, so there is no possibility that leftover kimchi could have ended up in your kimchi fried rice.  Also other dishes such as JangBanGookSoo or SoonTofuJjigae add variety to the menu and allow anyone to come and enjoy a simple Korean dish.  Prices are about $8 to $8.75 a meal, which isn’t the cheapest, but it’s affordable.  If you are craving for some spicy Korean soup on a cold winter day, check out Rich JC.  Word of caution: try not to sit next to the door, it gets very cold when people open the door every 5 seconds to get in and out.

By: Austin Yi

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