Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Class Info- Asian Language 138- 1st Year Korean for Heritage Learners

Ok, so it’s a 5 credit class…but it barely feels like one. Really, it feels more like going to Hangul Hakkyo (Korean School) in-between you’re classes every day. To get into 1st Year Korean for Heritage learners, you have to take a placement test and meet some bare minimum requirement. When I say bare minimum, I mean bare minimum. I haven’t been to Korean school since 5th grade and even then, I was in the 3rd grade level. If you can speak and understand basic stuff, you should be able to get in. The class is made up of people like you who understand just fine but have problems with grammar, reading and writing.

The teacher, Ko Insung, is one of the most beloved teachers by Korean students on campus.  I have always heard about him and wanted to take a class with him. He teaches the 1st year and 2nd year heritage classes so it’s really chill and laid back. He really just wants to see us get better at Korean.  There’s weekly vocab quizzes but, again, it’s nothing too crazy. He’s goofy, fun, and very passionate about his work.

As a way of getting us to learn to type better (and use Korean more openly) we set up class facebook accounts where we write on each other’s walls, update statuses and write postings ALL IN KOREAN! It took me a very long time to learn, but it is a dam effective way to teach people to type. Cmmon….Facebook as a classroom tool? Awesome. If you’re struggling with Korean or just ashamed that you’re not proficient at it (like myself), then I would 100% recommend you take ASIANLANG 138!

Last year’s class…

By: Sam Moon

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