Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Coming from the East Coast, I’ve had my fair share of good pizzas. It’s such a simple food, but it can easily be distorted into a complete mess. Now I didn’t expect much out of Ann Arbor’s pizza culture, but as I ventured out into this new terrain, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

One place that sticks out in particular is NYPD, or New York Pizza Depot (not the New York Police Department). It’s a good place to sufficiently feed your pizza cravings. Located on State, it’s a perfect place for students to go and eat. There is plenty of space and tables, so there’s no need to worry about not getting a seat. The decor might be a little hectic, but it’s interesting to see Ann Arbor’s interpretation of a New York pizzeria. The hours are also heavenly as they are open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am - 4 am and on Sunday from 11 am - 4 am, so you can always feed your late night pizza cravings. 

Now enough about the great things about NYPD and onto the main attraction, the pizza! There is definitely a lot wide selection of different NY style pizzas, as well as some Chicago style pizzas. There is also a number of other “Italian” dishes such as calzones and subs and salads. My favorites are probably the white pizza and the garlic knots, which are absolutely to die for. If I were ever not able to go back to New York and eat another pizza, this would be my go to spot for pizza. Not only that, but NYPD has one of the best specials ever! Their late night special comes with a 10-inch personal pizza with one topping and a drink for only 5 bucks! The portions are pretty big, so even though the prices might be steep for pizza...we’re in Ann Arbor...and it’s worth it. 

Finally, the service is great and pretty fast. It’s amazing how good the service is when you actually think about how late at night it is. Having to take orders and serve pizzas and an assortment of other foods would definitely make me crabby, but not the staff of NYPD, and for that I give kudos to them. Now to find a place where I can get some chicken and rice!
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By: Steph Hur

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