Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Something that I feel bleedin' blue Wolverines fan should do before graduating is taking a trip down to Ohio State for THE GAME. It's by far the biggest tradition in college football and arguably, in all of sports. As a fan, you should definitely experience it first hand. The rivalry has been going on since 1897 where we shut em out 36-0 and has been going back and forth for 106 seasons. Even though we're currently in the longest OSU win streak (at 6 wins thus far), Michigan still leads all time 57-43. They come up here every other year, but being complacent with that is really just knowing half the rivalry.

I'm sure you've heard the rumors about Columbus, OH and how ridiculously rowdy those hicks are. In my time here, I've heard people tell me stories about Buckeye fans flipping over vehicles, breaking windows, and throwing whatever they have in their hands at people dressed in Maize and Blue. Some of it, I'm sure, is a little over exaggerated. But hey, I had rocks thrown at me from across the street while I was at Michigan State for a game (albeit I did have my face painted in Maize and Blue), so I guess I should expect nothing less from Ohio State. People have also warned me to be dressed in riot gear, not to drive my car there unless it's completely unmarked, and not to dare watch the game from the student section.

I've never been there but I say... BRING IT ON!!! We just saw last weekend that the mighty OSU isn't invincible. They just lost their #1 spot in a convincing fashion to Wisconsin (god bless those Badgers), Jim Tressel loses sleep when going against spread offenses and Terrelle Pryor, the Lebron James of the college football world (who held out his "decision" on National Signing Day and flirted with Michigan and Penn State kinda like Lebron did with Chicago/NY/NJ/etc...) ended his Heisman campaign by proving once again that you can't trust him to win the game for you. Anything can happen, especially in a rivalry game, so this year..... I'M HEADIN DOWN TO COLUMBUS! I'm going to pay $300+ to see if Denard+Tate can outscore OSU this year and FINALLY BEAT THEM to snap this 6 year losing streak. It's my senior year and the good lord knows I can't handle another season of losing to both State AND OSU. So to all our KSA readers, wish me luck, wish US luck, and I hope that one day you decided to embark on this journey as well.

Forever, Go Blue!

By: Sam Moon

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