Monday, October 18, 2010

Home is Where the Heart is

As October rolls around the weather starts getting colder and the leaves begin to change colors the weather creeps into Autumn: My favorite season of the year. Where its not to cold and not to hot but perfect hoodie and jeans weather <3. However, even though the weather might be amazing this is around the time I start to get extremely homesick and all I can talk about to all my friends here is about Georgia. For some reason Fall always takes me back to all the times I carved pumpkins with my girls and all of the Friday night football games all through high school. My freshman year, even with all the new things surrounding me in Michigan, October and November were my PRIME homesick months. I missed my family, friends, my car, EVERYTHING SO much but there wasn't much I could do except wait for the next break to come around. I loved my friends here and were so blessed to have found such a wonderful group of friends so fast but it didn't really help me forget about my home in Georgia. However, as a sophomore and even with my constant memories about home I realized how much Michigan has slowly become my home as well. My friends here have become part of my family here with it my favorite Fall memories. HAPPYYY FALLLLLLL :) 

By: Rebecca Yi

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