Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hip Hop Rebel!
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I was putting this off because I was being a bit OCD about it, but here is my “Hip Hop Rebel” Playlist. Now, I know it’s not really “rebel,” but I was just inspired by Simon D who is featured a lot in this playlist (he likes to say he’s a “rebel” kekeke)…. so yeah! 

A few comments:
1.If you can’t tell, I really love Simon D and Supreme Team! Sorry, I’m a bit biased! 
2.I didn’t include a lot of songs and artists I probably should have to be “complete”, and I realize that. It’s almost impossible to include them all! I tried to just include some personal favorites, a variety of styles, and a couple lesser known artists. I wanted the playlist to flow naturally, yet be diverse – and it’s already over an hour long! haha
3.I would highly recommend the entirety of all the albums featured in this playlist! They’re worth listening to for sure. As you can tell, I have a few duplicates from the same albums because they’re just so good.
4.If you wanna sample all the most recent Korean hip hop releases – check out, it’s a great resource! 

1. Dreamality – The Quiett & Dok2 (G-Slow) – High Frequency
2. It’s Me (Map The Soul ver.) – Dok2 – Thunderground
3. I Can’t Live  - Crucial Star (G-Slow) – High Frequency
4. 다 갔어 (feat. Crybaby) – Swings (Overclass) – Collage 3
5. Elevator – Rimi – Elevator
6. Interlude: Seoul Scape – Supreme Team – Supremier
7. 데려가 (feat. Beenzino) – Supreme Team – Supremier
8. 안아줘 – Rimi & 조현아 (G-Slow) – High Frequency
9. 꽃 (feat. Soul One) – Indian Palm – Indian Palm
10. Up In The Air – Dumbfounded – Digital Single
11. 3AM (fear. Brave Starr) – Brave Brothers – Passionate (Digital Single)
12. Team Me Down (feat. Dok2) – Simon Dominic – I Just Wanna Rhyme
13. Summer Fling – Dumbfoundead – Digital Single
14. Keep Pushin’ (feat. Tablo) – Kero One – Early Believers
15. 너무 피곤해 – e.via – e.via aka happy e.vil
16. Happy Dayz Part 2 (feat. House Rulez) – Crown J – One & Only
17. 숨 (feat. Sean2Slow) – Dynamic Duo – Last Days
18. Respect My Money (Dirty Ver.) – Supreme Team – Spin Off (Repackage)
19. 지리멸렬/Cryin’ (feat. Beatbox DG) – Simon Dominic – I just Wanna Rhyme


By: Lyndsey Twining

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