Tuesday, October 19, 2010

UAAO Fall Retreat

Some of us do not really know too much about UAAO (United Asian American Organization), but you've probably heard about the different SAs around campus: KSA, CSA, TSA, VSA, etc. UAAO is basically the umbrella organization that tries to unite all the different Asian organizations on campus into one giant Asian community. They focus a lot on issues of social injustices, telling the different organizations about the most recent happenings and whatnot. 

We as KSA have unfortunately not been as involved as we have been in the past, so this year we are making an effort this year to get more involved with UAAO. Attending their annual fall retreat was one way I made a personal effort to get more involved. Because I've only ever attended church retreats, I didn't know what to expect. To be honest, I wasn't expecting too much: a lot of sitting around and talking about social injustices and the history of Asian Americans. But it was actually pretty fun. With all the interesting icebreakers, fun bonding activities, and thought-provoking topics of conversation, the retreat seemed to fly by. Not only was it a great education experience learning about relevant Asian issues such as Senate Bill 1070, an Arizona law aimed at deporting illegal immigrants, but it was also a fun time getting to meet new people outside the Korean community by playing games like balloon-fork volleyball. Overall, it was a good break from the usual mundane happenings at Umich, and I would recommend anyone who gets a chance to go next year to take it.

By: Dan Jun

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