Friday, October 29, 2010

"Then and Laters"

The date is October 26, 2010 and in not even two weeks, all, if not most, of us will have spent two months on this campus we all call home. Dayum, time sure flies. During that time, the KSA hasn’t wasted any time getting started, for there is already a great list of successful events in the short time here. It all started with the KSA Mass Meeting and Burger Night back in September. Already seems like so long ago, but that’s where it all began. Nothing better than a presentation, short speech, and food to bring people together and start off the year. Shortly after followed “Chuseok”, Korean day of thanksgiving, on October 3rd. With KISA, we put together a traditional Korean festive dinner, everything from your traditional rice and kimchi to your more traditional jap chae, bull go gi, and naek jji bo coom. Needless to say, the great food, company, and Sinaboro’s great Chuseok performance, we had much to be thankful for.

As we all know, University of Michigan would not be what it is without a lil game of good ol’ football. Well, in spirit of the big game against the rival Spartans, KSA threw down for the KSA Tailgate/BBQ. It was a grand time; with food, drinks, friends, and a big group rooting on our boys in the maize and blue, what more could you ask for. Despite the unfortunate loss, the KSA Tailgate/BBQ was an extremely fun and unforgettable time.
Along with that, the girls got suited up for their chance to rough up one another in the KSA Powderpuff Football. On October 23rd, the under and upperclassmen exchanged hits and played a great game of football down at Palmer Field. The game was close all the through, but at the end, the upperclassmen triumphed to clench the win. All the girls played a fabulous game and we congratulate and have a good time, in spite of the heated competition. Great game girls. :]

 With all of those great events said and done, there are still many more exciting events that are coming up that you should mark on your calendar. The Heartland Nomads are coming to U of M to show the film “Hiding” on October 30th from 6pm-7pm at the East Room in Pierpont Commons. This film is about the a group of north Korean refugees hiding in China today and exposes their struggles to survive. The screening is sponsored by LiNK and KSA, so I encourage you all to come out because it’ll be an eye opening experience you won’t want to miss. Next is the KSA Basketball Tournament which will be held at the CCRB on Saturday, November 13 from 12:00pm - 10:30pm. You all know the game, so come on out to the KSA Basketball Tournament to watch and cheer your friends and classmates on. And last but not least, the KSA Culture Show. Yeaaaaa! The KSA Culture Show Board has got an extraordinary event planned for that day at the T-Center. Date is TBA. Bring your kids, friends, aunts, uncles, neighbors, strangers, and even pets………no not pets, but you will definitely want to be there. With a line of great acts and performances scheduled, the 2011 KSA Culture Show will be one to make the record books. Keep an eye out for these events and many more. Hope to see ya there. Stay classy AA.

By: Ji-Hoon Min

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