Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bed Intruders and Cute KorAm Entertainers

So, it was between Korean underground hip hop and up-and-coming Korean-American artists for this guest blog of mine. And quite frankly, I'm choosing to talk about Kor-Am artists just because Victor Kim is a lot nicer to look at than Sool J, especially at 2am. Haha...2AM!

Get it?
Anyways, while I love talking about mainland Korean music - be it kpop, rap, or indie electro, lately I've been totally re-falling in love with the amazing Victor Kim and dumbfoundead, thanks in part to their wonderful Youtube videos!

Youtube is the rising voice of all Asian-American artists (see KevJumba, who I?m going to marry even though he's not Korean, Nigahiga, David Choi, Wong Fu Productions, ISA, and even the reborn Jay Park, for just a few examples). And lately, the Kollaborations (<- OMG, I legit accidentally just spelled it that way --- wow, I have a problem . Look it up if you don't get it.) they have been creating are not only highly entertaining, but also help each artist branch out to the fan bases of the other. Or when a person already likes both artists involved, it makes them squeal with joy and jump around their room cements their love and adoration for the artists.

Now, I could go on and on forever about how this AsAm artist met that one there, and they both made a video with this other person about that, etc., etc., because I know way too much about the lives of Asian American musicians/comedians/dancers/etc. (I really am a total creeper).

But to keep it simple, the success of the Korean American and Asian American collaborations lies in the creativity, talent, and use of humor these artists employ. They use each other to become even greater than themselves as individuals. They capitalize on each other. They capitalize on the YouTube medium.

See the beginning of this NigaHiga video as a perfect example:

Furthermore, their individual multidimensionality plays a huge role in their capacity for success. Back to Victor and DFD, for example.

Though most people know Victor Kim from ABDC's Quest Crew, and that is undoubtedly where he got his initial fame, many of his most popular music videos are for his singing and guitar playing, rather than his bboying videos. The fact that he is talented in so many ways is what makes him such an asset to the community. And for dumbfoundead, besides the fact that he is an effing dope rapper, he also can incorporate both serious social issues and humor into his raps, oftentimes simultaneously.

Put these two guys together, and add some Antoine Dodson (another YouTube hit), and you get one of the most enjoyable and re-playable videos on least in my opinion.

How can you not drool over Victor's sweet voice, be amazed by dumbfoundead's creative rhymes about "spooning strangers?" and leaving "booties endangered," and smile at the funny faces they make throughout the video. On top of that all, their talent manages to turn a funny news spoof into -surprisingly- enjoyable music.

And, okay, even though guys may not *drool* over Victor Kim, they at least admire him and think he?s cool. Am I right? ...He even has a hot girlfriend! Haha

Now go check out Victor and dumbfoundead being awesome with their Bed Intruder REMIX! It's at your own risk though - you'll have the song stuck in your head for days.

You can also check out their latest joint video, "Liquor Store Blues" here:

While you're at it, check out some non-Korean Asian American artists in these two KevJumba/NigaHiga productions! (Watch out for the AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL Poreotics dance crew and KorAm musician David Choi!)

And just remember, long story short: Capitalize on other Asians. Capitalize on Youtube.

Hahahaha ><  I need to go to bed....

Lyndsey Twining

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