Monday, December 6, 2010


What is normally a destination for seniors and alumni to go drink on Wednesdays...Thursdays....Fridays... Saturdays... Sundays...actually has surprisingly good food! The #14 rated best college bar in the US doesn't ID during the day and is actually a fully function restaurant. I like to go to on Sundays to watch my NY Giants play if the Detroit game is being shown on TV instead. PLUS, with Michigan Football player David Moosman working as a bouncer, you get a rare look at how big those guys actually are..

My recommendations on food? Buffalo Chicken Wrap. It's awesome. Its breaded chicken with buffalo sauce, cheese, lettuce tomato and bacon wrapped up in a flour tortilla normally served with house chips. BUT! The secret is to get the fries instead. Their fries are a little thicker than McDonald's fries but not as thick as KFC's wedges. Its always fresh fried so they come out sizzling and golden warm. Add a side of ranch to dip into and you're good to go!

But if you're not a chicken lover like me, ALL their burgers are awesome. They're half pound-ers so they're a little big. My favorites are the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger or the Blackened Burger. The Blackened Burger looks like its charred but its actually the rubbed on dry-spices that give it the distinct color. It's awesome. Again, make sure you get fries with that.

And for appetizers, go with the loaded nachos or pepperoni styx. Both are great for sharing with the table because they are HUGE.

So now you know! When some upperclassman asks to buy you lunch, go to CHARLEY'S! It'll be great!

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By: Sam Moon

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