Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Going to College With Your Sibling

(Writing in first person is something my grammar teacher told me to never do cause it’s unprofessional)
Probably a very rare experience, but not unheard of. Going to college with a sibling has its gifts and curses, although the curses are very negligible in my experience. So I guess all in all, the perks of this so called situation are very positive. These positive perks are numerous, and very enthralling. Whether it be small minor things or memorable moments, I cherish the opportunity of having family here while the other members rot away at home.
In my “the situation” (jersey shore.. puahahah thursdays seem empty), I have an older sister, Senior. With me being a freshman, she is basically my guidebook to succeeding in college for she has already been through the mumbo jumbo struggle that college induces. So yeah, helping me choose the right classes and teaching me the basic get-up is a given. But other than the academic perks, which college should be all about, there are also the… everything else.
She buys me food, she asks me about my classes, she even permits me to sleepover her abode when I’m too tired to go back to the north pole. Categorizing all the fine details into something more broad is quite difficult, however I intend to summarize as much as I can into this KSA blog entry. 
Having an older sibling, marks you as their younger sibling. I find it weird when people say, “he’s grace’s brother,” but it’s not unexpected. Walking into college with a predetermined label isn’t the greatest thing and deprives me of the “fresh new start” that college gives. I had already met a handful of seniors from the previous years from which my sister attended freshman-junior year, for i had the unnecessary tendency to attend every party she attended though I was still in highschool. So already having established my set 형’s and 누나’s (너무 예뻐, 미쳐~), a sense of familiarity had already been etched into me before I took my first steps in ann arbor as a freshman. Having an older sibling, she knows where all the hangouts are. She knows what's fun and what's not. She knows who’s good and who’s bad. Stale guidelines enforced by hints of life. If you did something wrong, she’ll hear about it. If you did something good, she’ll hear about it. If you’re in a pickle, she’ll stand by your side. There is so much more I wish I could write, but its just the small things that overall add up to something much greater. The greater thing being, me who had grown to hate my sister from age 7-17, had finally begun to appreciate the privilege of having a sibling who’ll always be down to help you.. occasionally. Kidding. Always*
and college helped me realize that! :3

By: Raymond Hong, Guest Blogger

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