Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Psyched Out

"What's the easiest four credit class that I can take next semester?" "Oh, take Psych 111 with Schreier, it's easy." 

This is the most commonly heard answer when I asked around to all of the uppers on what class was the easiest. So I went ahead and backpacked Schreier's Psych 111 class for this semester but soon realized how it didn't fit my schedule and coincided with the classes that were mandatory. So, I researched some on and decided on Dr. Perlmutter's Psych 111, who I heard was really easy. I mean how much harder could one person be from each other teaching the same exact course. 

I was so wrong. 

1. Perlmutter has a no laptop policy, which means you have to hand write notes or print out the lectures or concentrate on every word she's saying 
2. This class has no attendance required including discussion, that rule makes more the half of my class NEVER want to show up for class
3. Her lectures are purely graphs and what sounds like a summary of the chapter from the back of our text book so they are COMPLETELY pointless for the exams which means ... going to lecture is completely pointless 
4. Her tests are based completely on the textbook and the Wiley website quizzes. Formatted just like the online quizzes which are extremely detail oriented, unnecessarily
5. Her class gives 1195 points. sounds good, especially because exams are from 150 points to 200 points, huh? WRONG. Each question on our online quizzes count as one point and you only get on try. If you don't get the answer right thats one point down the drain. That doesn't sound like much? Do the math of two 15 question quizzes easy optimistically getting 10/15 everyweek.. oh those points add up not to mentions the exams are hard too

So conclusion: Don't take Perlmutter's class EVER! 

By: Rebecca Yi

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