Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jay Park cast for new movie, ‘Happy Together’

Following the completion of his first movie project, ‘Hype Nation’, it has been confirmed by his agency, Sidus HQ, that singer Jay Park will take on another movie project, called ‘Happy Together’. ‘Happy Together’ will be a story about an idol group who was at the peak of their career when the leader unfortunately had to withdraw and be replaced by a former indie band member. Jay’s character will be a group member who goes through conflicts with the new member, but later resolve their problems to unite as one group.

Sidus HQ stated, “The contract has not yet been finalized, however it has been decided that he will be part of the cast. He will need to put in a lot of effort because of the Korean dialogues.”

Jay, who is currently in America, will soon come back to Korea to finalize contract details. Meanwhile, the former indie band member will be played by Ji Hyun Woo. Ra Hee Chan will take hold of the megaphone as the director, while the movie will be produced by Daisy Entertainment.
The fact that Jay Park, otherwise known as former 2PM group member Jaebeom, is to star in a movie about a popular group whose leader had to leave, is a plot that is interestingly ironic to his own situation that happened back in September 2009. To clarify, the controversy back in September 2009 dealt with his misunderstood comments, about his dislike for life in Korea, posted on his Myspace during 2005, as a young trainee living in  a foreign country for JYP Entertainment. Although the details of the movie and his own life are not identical and the fact that Jay is to star as a group member rather than the leader himself, it's interesting to think that he
was chosen for this particular role. Personally, I'm glad to see that the unfortunate events of the end of 2009 and early 2010 has not dampened his career much. Although he may not be the leader of the popular boy group
anymore, his popularity and fan base is still ridiculously large, both among Koreans in the states and Korea, and his talents are carrying him far beyond what an average Korean pop star would be able to achieve. 

By: Michelle Park

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