Friday, November 12, 2010

Red Robin

Even though Red Robin is a good 10 minutes from campus, I would definitely say it is worth the drive. There are actually two near campus, one near Briarwood Mall and another near Meijers and Target. With locations all over the country, Red Robin is widely known for its gourmet burgers and bottomless steak fries, and rightly so. Their burgers are simply delicious—the tomatoes and lettuce are fresh and crisp, the cheese is tasty, and the burger is cooked to order. With so many kinds of hamburgers, there will surely be one to fit everyone’s tastes. My personal favorite is the Red Robin Sautéed ‘Shroom Burger—it is loaded with fresh sautéed mushrooms and topped with Swiss cheese—paired with bottomless garlic parmesan steak fries. (Make sure to ask specifically for the garlic parmesan steak fries when you order!!) Red Robin also has wide range of sandwiches and entrees that are equally great, including the onion ring tower and the freckled lemonade, both of which are customer favorites.
Besides the food, Red Robin’s atmosphere is colorful and fun and the inside is decorated with horse carousels, lots of colored lights, and movie posters all over the walls. The kitchen is open so you can even see the burgers being made. The staff is also extremely friendly and attentive, refilling drinks and fries so you’re never out. 

I highly recommend Red Robin if you’re looking for burgers! 

By: Jisun Kim

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