Tuesday, September 14, 2010

beat the beat

This weekend is KSA’s annual kickoff club night and I’m so excited! It’s usually the biggest club event of the year and there’s always a great turn out. Even if you’re not particularly into the party scene, it’s always nice to have a fun night out with your friends and mingle with some new people. Everyone is always super dressed up - the girls look sexy and the guys look hot, but boys, don’t forget to wear a collared shirt if you want to get in. If you’re over 21, have fun at the bar, but if you’re underage – stay away from the drinks, you WILL be kicked out with your big black X’s. Trust me, you don’t want to be left out in the cold, it’s embarrassing and a huge buzz kill. The KSA board members will be at the club at 10:30 and since the line is longest around 12, if you don’t want to wait out in the cold, it’s best to come early and hang with us. Don’t feel awkward, get excited, bring all your friends, and I can’t wait to see all our old and new members there! ☺ Fist pumping is definitely allowed!!!!!!!! 

By: Michelle Park  

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