Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No Thai!

No Thai. What more could you ask for in a meal? Rice (or noodles), meat, vegetables, combined with an explosion of flavor and spice. It's the perfect meal at a good price. This local Thai restaurant conveniently located on campus (on South University) is a favorite of Asians and non-Asians alike. Their menu has something for everyone, whether you're a rice-man, a noodle-woman, whether you're a fan of meat (chicken, beef, even shrimp) or not, everything is made to order. You can even control the level of spice: either weaksauce, (for weaksauce tastebuds), medium, yoga-flame, or dimmak (for the insane). Their service is fast, well, as fast as they can be when the line goes out the door and around the corner, and the staff is always friendly.

For those of you not familiar with No Thai, you might be wondering about the name "No Thai". Does it mean there's no Thai food there? Is it a secret inside joke? Nope. The name comes from their head chef, Noerung "No" Hang. He and three of his friends came together one fateful day and decided that the University of Michigan was in dire need of a good Thai eatery. They more than met that need as now No Thai is one of the most popular places to eat on campus. They even have a delivery service at so now you can enjoy No Thai from the comfort of your own home! I must, however, include one warning. If you have yet to eat from this holy grail of Asian food, be careful of your first visit. You might get hooked, like I did, and start flying through their loyalty stamp cards (10 meals to get one free) like Rebecca and her credit card. 

By: Dan Jun

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