Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hip hop academy

Hello Everyone!

I'd like to share and present what my friends and I have been working on over the summer, we decided to start up a new student organization entitled "the U of M Hip Hop Academy." We decided to create this organization to promote and preserve hip hop culture and all the dynamic aspects it can offer! We are planning to achieve this goal by teaching lessons in bboying, popping, modern style of dance, house dance, vinyl mixing and scratch deejaying, house deejaying, and emceeing. We plan on inviting many guests to hold workshops and discussion panels throughout the year! For our first event "Diag Hip Hop Festival" we are inviting three guests from Korea, bboy Born (internationally renown bboy of Rivers Crew) Jazzy Ivy (underground emcee, Zulu Nation Corea President, known as the cultural leader/ambassador of 'Korean Hip Hop'), Chanyc Kim (Urban Photographer, Zulu Nation, Seoul City Rockers, check out his photos at, make sure to come out and support!

Look our club and first event on facebook (U of M Hip Hop Academy, Diag Hip Hop Festival) or if your interested and have questions send an e-mail to!
Our first ever mass meeting is next monday September 20, 2010 at 8PM at the Trotter Multicultural Center (on South University street past Washtenaw Ave), come out for some more information and performances by our instructors and just to have a fun time!

By: Taejoon Han (in the red hat)

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