Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the ugli

The Shapiro Undergraduate Library is located off of the Diag on central campus.  It sits between the Hatcher Graduate Library and West Hall. Affectionately known as the “UGLi,” it serves as the meeting and studying spot for undergraduates as well as high school and graduate students. From my experiences, the UGLi is more of a social hot-spot than somewhere to study. You’ll be sure to run into friends and acquaintances on every floor. The UGLi consists of five floors. The basement, the first floor (lobby) and the second floor all consist of large tables, convenient for friends and large groups to study. The second floor also has individual study rooms for a little more privacy. The third and fourth floors are quieter and are technically the Science Library portion of the University. If you really need to get work done and you want to study at the UGLi, I recommend studying on the third or fourth floor.

From past experience, UGLi is where we went to “study,” convene, talk, gossip, and have late night study sessions with friends. While studying for finals during freshmen year, we used to order from Pizza House and Insomnia Cookies. Although this may contribute to your freshmen 15, I encourage you all to experience the college life!  

By: Guest Blogger, Amy Park

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