Wednesday, September 15, 2010

north quad

What used to be a mythical place upperclassmen would send unknowing freshmen to has now become a reality… After over 5 years of planning and $175 million in investments, the enormous residence hall and academic complex is now home to 450 students, the School of Information, the Sweetland Writing Center, Department of Communication Studies, and Department of Screen Arts & Cultures. The building is the first new residence hall since Bursley Hall opened in 1967. The North Quad residential community is only open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors (of any major), while the academic portion of the building is already being used for classes. North Quad also has its own dining hall that accepts meal plans, Blue Bucks, and cash, so not only can dormitory residents swipe in, but campus visitors can also pay cash for a pretty good (albeit overpriced) meal. Currently, the building is open to the public until 6pm and to those with M-cards until 10pm.

The residential tower is ten stories high with three lounges on every floor; the third floor has two large lounges, called “lofts,” as well as the Community Learning Center. The academic areas house 14 different classrooms, as well as large study areas called “Media Gateways,” where several flat-screen televisions are mounted on the walls for students to use. You can hook up your computer to these screens, watch cable TV, or even use the screens to watch movies or play video games on your Xbox360 or other gaming consoles. The other tower of North Quad, the academic tower, is seven stories high.
Reading about North Quad in a blog doesn’t do it justice; it really is an amazing building that you’ll have to go and see for yourself. Feel free to just walk in and check it out any time, or get someone to swipe you into the cafeteria! My brother lives there and said the food is pretty good.
North Quad is located at 105 S. State St, on the corner of State and E. Washington St.  Please visit the link below for more information about the building, dining hall hours, etc!
By: Jasmine Huang

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