Wednesday, September 15, 2010

review of ENGR 100 level classes

As a freshmen engineer, one must endure the tedious work of learning how to write C++ and Matlab codes successfully.  The University offers 3 sections of 101 classes with Professor Ringenberg and Belajew.  Take Professor Ringenberg.  Currently he has received 4.3 rating on, and with the amount of haters on that site, 4.3 is an amazing score for an engineering professor.  Furthermore, I actually had him as a freshmen engineer, and he is very forgiving.  His exams are straightforward and while they may not be easy, they correspond linearly to what he taught in the lectures.   I have not heard of Professor Belajew and Wellman, since they were not one of the professors that taught it during my freshmen year.   Just remember to change up the codes when you receive it from the smarter kids so you won’t get caught.  

(Ringenberg on left)
If you were lucky enough to get the engineering 100 class you’ve wanted and decided to take engineering 100 before 101, good for you.  However, for those who went to orientation late in  July and were force to take engr 101 in fall semester,  don’t worry, there are more exciting classes in the winter.  I will list the harder sections of engr 100.  First of all, any section related to biomedical technology is rough.  There is no way around it.  You will spend tremendous amount of time working in teams to complete projects with no shortcuts.  Also, with the amount of Biomedical Engineering and Pre-Med Engineers lurking in the class, you will have to put your best effort.  Avoid design in the real world.  Don’t let the simple description fool you, it is, from what I’ve heard, one of the hardest engr100 section due to the professor.  So other than those two sections and some more, all others are good to go.  Remember to work as a team, because both in engr 100 and 101, you will get projects done tremendously faster and easier with a group of friends or teams.

By: Austin Yi

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